We believe in: Risk, Reward and Impact
We are focused on creating long-term sustainable value 


Via Maris is a developer, promoter and operator in projects that meets our strategy

We believe in risk, reward and impact

We are focused on mid-size projects and seek to create financial return and positive social or environmental transformation and achieving lasting development impact. We strongly believe that investing in any market should be viewed from all aspects: financial, social impact, and working according to best practices and the highest international standards of corporate governance.


We are looking for sustainable projects and business models, with an embedded comprehensive social strategic view, and believe that these one can bring higher returns as well as improve the ‘general good’  in the long term.


We believe that one of the keys to a successful project is the stakeholders involved


Project’s developer, promoter and operator. We will lead the project from early stages, through the design of the desired business model to closing, execution and operation phase. We will work with our partners to raise the funding needed to a financial close and completion


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A strong, established and reputable lead player in the target market that will provide the local ‘know how’ and knowledge. The local partner can be a company with many years of experience or an investor with proven track record


A leading international partner that will provide the best technical solution, support, and ‘know how’, and will add value from early days (concept) all the way to financial close, completion and the project’s execution




Education is a key to transformation, sustainability and growth.

Via Maris, analysed the future African ICT needs and based on the Israeli experience and ‘know how’, have developed a unique ICT training centre model.

Via Maris is working with its partners to implement the model that will be a place of excellence and a regional leader in training ICT professionals, and will improve access to high level local education at affordable prices.


There is a huge gap in terms of the demand for health care services and the supply of good services at affordable prices.

We are bringing world class healthcare in modern facilities to developing regions using a unique concept, with a great deal of ‘knowledge transfer’.


There is a growing need across the continent to develop the human capital and entrepreneurship in order to increase industrialisation.

Via Maris created a sustainable social and business model of incubator centres within industrial parks, accelerating the development of industry based entrepreneurial skills, focusing on SME’s or governmental priority sectors.


One of the main barriers that African SME’s face is high energy cost as a result of lack of stable on grid power.

We developed a unique concept of a B2B off grid solution to SME’s that is based on a unique leasing model that provides access to funding as well.