We focus on our clients' needs 

Via Maris provides strategic business development services tailored to support companies with their internationalization process into Sub-Saharan Africa



Our services were designed to meet different clients' needs and will help you:

  • Achieve a quick route to the market

  • Mitigate entering and operational risks

  • Build a long-term competitive advantage

  • Maximize sales potential

  • Improve cost-efficiency



A comprehensive international expansion plan designed to support exporters at early stages of penetration. 

Designed to provide set of analytical and practical tools, enabling to reach long-term strategic goals while eliminating risk, reducing cost, and better utilizing internal resources.

The plan is modular and can be implemented in stages or in a whole


The service is targeted to achieve the development of dedicated distribution network in the best cost effective way, including:

  • Initial market study 

  • Conduct needs analysis to define the desired partner’s profile

  • Assessment and evaluation of potential partners

  • Support / Management throughout the recruitment process

  • Post-recruitment support / management


The service is designed to allow companies to better utilize internal resources in critical stages of the expansion process or at a given projects’ life cycle by providing ad-hoc management support, including:

  • Sales Management

  • Operation set up

  • Post-acquisition integration

  • Manage clients’ interests in subsidiaries and distributors

  • Legacy and legal issues


The service is targeted at generating high quality leads, and managing them to secure the best possible results in increasing sales and winning projects.

Via Maris service includes managing Lead Generation of public and private tenders and other opportunities


We provide advisory services leveraging on our experience and unique network and understanding of business in the region. Our Advisory services include:

  • Project facilitation - From concept to financial close

  • M&A - Working both with international investors and target African companies to promote strategic investments



We provide executives with "real time" market research & analysis reports to support the evaluation process of market attractiveness, business opportunities, risk and regulatory issues.

We generate both macro and micro market information, by utilizing different research sources and resources complemented by our on-ground network, vast local knowledge and experience to provide with the most practical research insight   

Our reports are tailored-made and can provided as one-off or to be integrated as part of our Market Entry, Lead Generation and Distribution Network Development services